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该剧根据唐七同名小说改编,讲述了青丘帝姬白凤九和太晨宫尊神东华之间两千年的纠葛情缘故事 。

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Eternal Love, The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书 Synopsis

青丘帝姬白凤九(迪丽热巴饰)在山间修行时被一头妖兽攻击,危急时刻被路过的东华帝君(高伟光饰)所救,从此铭记在心。为报恩凤九执意跟随东华与作乱世间的妖君渺落战斗。在相处中她发现自己的报恩之情已转化为爱慕之意。但东华在千百年与邪恶的斗争中,已经忘却了 “情爱” 二字。为保护凤九安全,东华将她送到人间,却不幸令朋友为保护她而死。凤九为找到传说中能起死复生的仙果,进入翼族公主阿兰若的幻梦之境,重历阿兰若的坎坷一生。东华历经艰辛救出凤九,发现自己已爱上了她。二人准备成亲,东华却为了救姬蘅公主(刘玥霏饰)而错过婚宴。


Two thousand years of enduring love and obsession between the female monarch of Qing Qiu and the ancient god of the Heavenly Kingdom. When Feng Jiu was practicing immortal cultivation alone in the wilderness, she was attacked by a beast and rescued by Dong Hua Di Jun of the Heavenly Kingdom. The encounter becomes deeply ingrained in Feng Jiu’s heart and to repay her debts, she decides to follow Dong Hua into battle. She soon realizes that her good feelings towards him have evolved into love, but Dong Hua is a god who has forgotten what love means.

In order to protect Feng Jiu, Dong Hua sends her to the human realm which results in the death of a friend. Feng Jiu enters the Winged Tribe Princess Ah Lan Ruo’s dream sequence in search of a sacred fruit that can bring the dead back to life but gets trapped to relive Ah Lan Ruo’s life for eternity. Dong Hua finds a way to save Feng Jiu and realizes that he already reciprocates her love for him, but another hurdle crosses their path.

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Product Information
Starring: 迪丽热巴 (Dilraba Dilmurat), 高伟光 (Gao Weiguang), 陈楚河 (Baron Chen), 郭品超 (Dylan Kuo), 刘玥霏 (Liu Yuxin), 刘芮麟 (Liu Ruilin), 王骁 (Lawrence Wang), 李东恒 (Li Dongheng), 袁雨萱 (Yuan Yuxuan), 黄俊捷 (Huang Junjie)
Language:  Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Rated: PG13
Region code: All Countries
Release Date: 2020
Disc format: NTSC
Number of episodes: 56 (完整版)
Number of discs: 13 DVD

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